Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Film Analysis: Annie Leibovitz-Life Through A Lens

Annie Leibovitz-Life Through A Lens, is a documentary on the life and accomplishments of a world famous photographer, Annie Leibovitz. This documentary was created in a way that contains both interviews and snapshots of her most famous photographs. In one of the interviews, she was asked what the life of a photographer was like and she defined it as a "life through a lens". I found that to be a very accurate and artistic definition. Practically growing up in their family car, it was "easy [for Annie] to become an artist because [she] saw the world though a ready made picture frame, which was the car window".

She was easily inspired and picked up photography after being raised around her mother capturing every moment of her families life. Annie does not strictly focus on one form of photography, her portfolio ranges from the simple black and white portraits to controversial nudes. Her ranging artistic style allows her to express herself in a real and creative way.

Each one of her photographs has a purpose, whether it is simply taken for fun or to convey a message. However, most of Annie's photographs express such strong and powerful emotions. Sometimes the simplest black and white image of a person can express feelings of fear, sadness, anger, or joy. Regardless, Annie never fails to keep her audience interested.

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